Be That Teacher with Nakia King

In this episode, my guest is Nakia King. Nakia and I met in early 2021 while going through an education consulting coaching group. She truly impressed me with her story balancing her teacher/administrator life while attending to multiple life challenges.  We discuss Nakia’s ability as an administrator to empathize with teachers, especially these last 2…More

Who is Jamie Vaughn w/John Chao

In this episode, fellow podcaster, John Chao interviews Jamie Vaughn, uncovering and discovering her infectious love of teaching and learning, as well as inspiring, mentoring and coaching pre-service and novice teachers across the globe.More

Be That Teacher: Trailer

Introduction to Be That Teacher the Podcast Welcome to  “Be That Teacher” podcast by Jamie Vaughn, owner & CEO of Coach2Engage Consulting. I am Jamie Vaughn. I’m a veteran teacher, a mentor, a coach, a teacher leader and student engagement expert and enthusiast with a special interest in inspiring novice teachers to explore their opportunities…More