Be That Teacher with Beth Morgan

In this episode, I interviewed Social Studies teacher, Beth Morgan who is a first year high school history teacher. Fun Fact: Beth also did some of her pre-service teaching work with me! Originally from the small town of Bishop California Beth came to Nevada to pursue higher education in 2017 and graduated from UNR in…More

Be That Teacher with Marlene Armstrong

About Marlene: Marlene Armstrong is a high school principal who transitioned into administration after she was a Career & Technical Education teacher. She was the 2012 Teacher of the Year for Arizona Rural Schools. She is the founding principal of two high schools in Arizona. Her philosophy on education is simple: We need to prepare…More

Be That Teacher with Heidi Beltran

In this episode I interviewed Heidi who is a writer and a mother to her daughter, Atlas. Aside from being a full time stay at home mom she also has a Patreon where she writes short stories inspired by the major arcana cards of tarot. Heidi is also working on her first full length novel.…More

Be That Teacher with Belle O’Neill

Belle O’Neill retired in 2019 after 32 years as a public school teacher in California and Nevada. A 2016 Fulbright Fellow for Teachers for Global Classrooms, she guest lectures at colleges and universities on topics  including teacher rights, teacher credibility, communicating with parents, and global education. Belle is a supervisor/ mentor for student interns at…More

Be That Teacher with Ashley Showers

In this episode, my guest is Ashley Showers who is a 3rd year Social Studies teacher at a small charter school. She is also the social studies chair. Ashley earned her degree from the University of Nevada, Reno in Education with an emphasis on Social Studies. Ashley and I met each other back in 2014.…More

Be That Teacher with Caroline Hatcher

In this week’s episode I sit down with Caroline Hatcher. Caroline is a veteran teacher of 25 years and has taught for Washoe County schools and the San Diego school system. Part of her teaching experience also include teaching AVID for 8 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from San Diego…More

Be That Teacher with Steven Tutunick

In this week’s episode of “Be That Teacher”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Tutunick, National Curriculum Specialist with McGraw-Hill. Our topics of discussion include: What Steve has seen as evidence of successful teaching practices, teachers and student choice, data to drive instruction, differentiation; questions Steve asks teachers as he is work with them,…More

Be That Teacher with Felicity Phan

In this weeks episode of Be That Teacher, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my very memorable former students, Felicity Phan. She is an incredibly impressive young lady who plays multiple instruments. At a very young age, she got introduced to the musical world by her aunt, Melody Chen, and since then,…More

Be That Teacher with Becky Korinek

In this episode, my guest is Becky Korinek. Throughout her Becky’s thirty-year career in education, she has been sought after in working with children, parents and educational leaders. A highly-skilled educator, Becky served as a Reading Specialist, Classroom Teacher and Instructional Coach with a standards- focused background, she likes to think outside the box to…More

Be That Teacher with Toni Hardy

Topics of discussion on this episode of Be That Teacher: Intentional Change Consulting Data-driven instruction and conceptual mathematic How data-driven instruction can be used in other content area T.R.A.C.- Instruction by Design Why conceptual mathematics works for kids versus the “trick Addressing Struggling students – Lack of engagement/building relationships/ask the kids what they are struggling…More