Be That Teacher with Heidi Beltran

In this episode I interviewed Heidi who is a writer and a mother to her daughter, Atlas. Aside from being a full time stay at home mom she also has a Patreon where she writes short stories inspired by the major arcana cards of tarot. Heidi is also working on her first full length novel. Heidi and I know each other from her Junior year in high school which was 2010-2011. Her connections to education are through her own varied experiences of Catholic school, homeschooling, public school, and college. And now being a mother she is soon going to be entering the world of what education to give her own daughter. Heidi‚Äôs philosophy when it comes to education is that students’ opinions should matter in their schooling and that there should be a level of trust in students and that they really can express the way that they learn best. She believes that it is okay if the way they learn is not the way that most schools teach (ie. “teach to the test” education).

Go join Heidi as she weaves magic and myth through short stories inspired by the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of Tarot. Over time she plans to include poetry inspired by the Minor Arcana, as well as other lore and mystical prose. You do not have to know anything about tarot to enjoy what she write here! You just need to have a love of magic and stories.

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