Be That Teacher with Belle O’Neill

Belle O’Neill retired in 2019 after 32 years as a public school teacher in California and Nevada. A 2016 Fulbright Fellow for Teachers for Global Classrooms, she guest lectures at colleges and universities on topics  including teacher rights, teacher credibility, communicating with parents, and global education. Belle is a supervisor/ mentor for student interns at the University of Nevada Reno and will be presenting at local, state, and national teacher conferences in 2022. Her philosophy for education is: Every child has the right to learn. This has been her philosophy from the first day she became a teacher and remains so now.

Welcome Belle! I am so glad you are here today! Today’s discussion will focus on some content from your well deserved published book called “Dare To Connect: Redefining Success for the Modern Educator”  

Published Work:

Rowman and Littlefield published my book, Dare to Connect: Redefining Success for the Modern Educator, in July 2021.

You can find Belle’s book on Amazon @       

Or at Barnes and Noble, Google, Roman and Littlefield, Walmart, and Sundance Books!Also, for more content, visit:

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