Be That Teacher with Ashley Showers

In this episode, my guest is Ashley Showers who is a 3rd year Social Studies teacher at a small charter school. She is also the social studies chair. Ashley earned her degree from the University of Nevada, Reno in Education with an emphasis on Social Studies. Ashley and I met each other back in 2014. I was one of my chaperones on a trip we all took to the United Kingdom and Ireland through People2People. Ashley describes me and my husband Farrell as “amazing educators who she has looked up to throughout her education and teaching career.”Ashley’s number one philosophy in education is that relationships are key. Without those relationships, students are less likely to learn in the classroom. With this in mind, making that warm and welcoming environment allows for students to feel safe. This sense of safety is a huge part of education because it allows more learning to occur.” Connect with Ashley:School Website: ashowers@alpineacademy.netLesson Plan published on Project Tahoe: Reach Jamie Vaughn: and @coach2engage on any social media platform

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