Be That Teacher with Caroline Hatcher

In this week’s episode I sit down with Caroline Hatcher. Caroline is a veteran teacher of 25 years and has taught for Washoe County schools and the San Diego school system. Part of her teaching experience also include teaching AVID for 8 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from San Diego State University.

Fun facts about Caroline include that:

  • She taught English Language courses in Switzerland for two years – She is a Swiss citizen, as are her children.
  • She was also one of the first Implementation Specialists for 3 years in our area
  • She is a certified school librarian and is in the process of getting Gate Certification for our Gifted & Talented population
  • She has the right to brag that she has attended SDSU, USD, UCSD, and Mesa College just to get ELAD certified! Wow! \
  • She has a published article titled “The Art of Acknowledgement” in a higher education textbook “Cases on Emotionally Responsive Teaching and Mentoring”.

Caroline currently holds the position of a Secondary Field-Based Instructor teaching Family Engagement, Classroom Management, Practicum 1 and 2 for new-service teachers.

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