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Be That Teacher with Felicity Phan

In this weeks episode of Be That Teacher, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my very memorable former students, Felicity Phan. She is an incredibly impressive young lady who plays multiple instruments. At a very young age, she got introduced to the musical world by her aunt, Melody Chen, and since then, she has loved music. She began playing the violin at age 5 and the piano at age 6. Since age 7, she has participated in many competitions and has always been in the top 3. She joined the YSS (Youth Strings Symphonia) at age 7. From there, she advanced to the principal of the second violins in her first year. At age 9, she was given the opportunity to play a concerto with the YCO (Youth Concert Orchestra). A year after joining the Youth Concert Orchestra (YCO) she became the assistant concertmaster. In the future, Felicity wants to attend Harvard University for medical school to be a cardiothoracic surgeon.

When I asked Felicity to send me her rightful bragging rights, she also included this about my being her teacher and her experience last school year during COVID distance learning: “Mrs. Vaughn was one of my amazing teachers in distance learning, we did lots of projects in her class and it was always fun to have multiple options to choose from for activities. I have always loved learning (as long as I don’t already know the material well) and I’ve always thought that education should be able to push students forward instead of holding them back so they can reach their greatest potential and those who need help on education should get the help that they need (each person can learn at their own pace). School should also teach us about life (the philosophy of it), ethics, etc., and not just things from the textbooks.”

If you looking for ways to get your student excited about learning, checkout the checklist below for some strategies and tips.

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