Be That Teacher with Nakia King

In this episode, my guest is Nakia King. Nakia and I met in early 2021 while going through an education consulting coaching group. She truly impressed me with her story balancing her teacher/administrator life while attending to multiple life challenges. 

We discuss Nakia’s ability as an administrator to empathize with teachers, especially these last 2 years being incredibly challenging for teachers for multiple reasons, including behavior issues, lack of support, curriculum pressures,  and chronic absenteeism.

Nakia is an educational consultant who has served fifteen plus years as a teacher, instructional coach, principal and business owner. She obtained each of her degrees while juggling single motherhood and full-time employment. Her past journey sets the reinforcement of her skill set to provide comprehensible techniques for all levels of learners. She is able to provide innovative methods of facilitating learning. She is a senior consultant at Ajourni Vision and Consulting Services LLC and they offer a wide range of coaching programs and services – from individual coaching to group coaching programs. The coaching services offered are guaranteed to make a difference in your learning community.

Nakia has always excelled in being able to acquire the skills necessary to propel her into positions that would create the life she wanted for her and her children. She has overcome almost being homeless, being unemployed and a minimal support system. She was not always a risk taker due to wanting to provide stability for her family. She learned playing it safe limited her dreams and she then decided to become an entrepreneur. She continues to inspire and work to promote distinctive instruction.

Nakia is an example of who your future students could be. Students show their stress in different ways. So if your students are acting out or seem disengaged, there is usually a reason. Sometimes we just don’t know what these students are going through in their own lives.  With some consistent love and support (empathy), teachers can  make a significant difference in their lives.     

Nakia assists teachers on how to produce maximum outcomes while showing up as their authentic selves.

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